The home equity line of credit just got a lot more flexible with our Fixed Rate Repayment Option.

From home additions to amazing improvements and everything in between, a home equity line of credit is a great way to utilize the value of your home. Say “goodbye” to DIY disasters and “hello” to professionals who can fix them and get the job done right.

Fixed Rate Repayment Option

Lock in our special loan rate on all or part of your HELOC balance for a term not to exceed that of your HELOC repayment period.*

Get started today, and say “hello” to all the possibilities unlocked by a home equity line of credit with MidWestOne

It’s empowered money management. It’s HELOC with MidWestOne.

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*Your variable rate HELOC terms remain the same and no terms are changed by use of the fixed rate repayment option. Subject to credit approval. Minimum HELOC amount to be fixed is $5,000. Fixed rate repayment term may not exceeed the term of the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Maximum of three (3) fixed rate payment options allowed per HELOC. Lock fee may apply. Ask your banker for details.