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August 14th, 2015 Andrea Hartman
Trail Wallet screenshot

Using mobile travel apps can take the hassle and confusion out of managing money while traveling. Thankfully, there are multiple mobile applications for you to choose from that will make it easy for you to track your money while you’re traveling giving you more time to enjoy your trip.

I’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorites:

Trail Wallet

One of my favorite things about Trail Wallet is that you don’t need an accounting degree to use it. It’s simple and easy-to-navigate.

The app is an expense tracker that lets you organize your expenses by trip, or by a monthly or daily budget. There are 218 different currency options that can be converted by the tap of the screen. It’s easy to switch between the amount of budget spent and the amount of money remaining right from the home page. For a helpful budget visual, there are interactive bar graphs and pie charts that express exactly how your money is being spent.

Trail Wallet is free up to 25 items; the full version of the app is $3.99. It is available on iPhone and iPad, but unfortunately, not yet available on Android devices.

XE Currency

XE Currency screenshot

XE Currency is the do-it-all currency converter. The app quickly converts any world currency and precious metal rates. It offers live proprietary rates that automatically refresh every minute.

The app provides more than 30,000 currency charts that include currency history, high and low rates and more. Many settings can be customized and you can even pin a widget to your notification center allowing you to view proprietary rates without even opening the app.

XE Currency is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Firefox OS devices. The free app offers virtually all included features but a pro version is available for $1.99.


Expensify screenshot

Carrying paper receipts is a thing of the past with Expensify’s ability to take and store unlimited pictures of receipts. This can be a huge benefit for business travelers. Receipt details can quickly be entered into expense reports manually or by the SmartScan feature. Debit and credit card transactions under $75 can be automatically imported to expense reports. All transaction can be sorted into various expense reports, and into categories with the reports (entertainment, lodging, fuel, etc.).

The app even has the ability to connect and import data into any kind of account, payroll, CRM or ERP solution program including QuickBooks, ADP, Netsuite, Intacct, Oracle, and more.

Expensify is a free mobile app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Cost Split

Cost Split screenshot

Whether traveling with a group of friends, or multiple family members, Cost Split is the ultimate app for group travel. Each person can track their own expenses, and at the end of a day, week or trip, a group expense report can be generated for the entire group. The report informs the group who paid for what, who owes who money and how much money they owe.

Cost Split is fast and easy to use online and offline. All expenses, reports and photos can be synced to all group members thanks to the cloud. For group travel abroad, multiple currency options are available.

Cost Split is free and available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Andrea Hartman is Assistant Retail Manager at MidWestOne.

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