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September 10th, 2015 Charlie Funk
Charlie Funk

While the amount of technology in our daily lives can be overwhelming at times, it can also have a positive impact on our productivity levels. When you use technology to simplify your life, you are not just making things easier you’re also making yourself more efficient and productive.

Financial institutions across the country have made great strides in providing customers with online tools that will help make them more efficient and productive. These include things like online banking, automatic payments, mobile deposit and much more.

The American Bankers Association just released a study that revealed 1 in 7 Americans have deposited a check via a mobile device in the past 12 months. This is a 16 percent jump over the previous year. Of those that use the service, 54 percent use it at least once per month. It is a service that is growing in usage and acceptance, at MidWestOne and across the country. As a community bank, we’re very proud to still be able to invest in technology that increases the convenience of banking with us.

MidWestOne’s eAlerts is another example. The free eAlerts service lets you set up 17 different types of notices for important events related to your checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit or loans.You can have the alert sent to your online banking home page, an email address, or receive it by text message.

This can be a helpful tool when you’re on the go. For example, a text message can let you know when:

  • Your payroll deposit is credited to your account.
  • Your account balance is below a certain amount that you select.
  • Your loan payment is due.

Using this approach, one customer was able to fix an error with her employer that was preventing her from getting paid. When she didn’t receive her payroll deposit alert, she contacted MidWestOne, and we confirmed that she hadn’t yet been paid. She was then able to determine that there was an error in her employer’s accounting department that was stopping payroll in its tracks. The eAlert allowed her to address the issue immediately, instead of waiting longer before she realized there was a problem. Think of the potential problems that were prevented by this simple alert!

For many of our customers, technology can be a challenge. Don’t underestimate your abilities.  And if you need a helping hand, I can direct you to a MidWestOne Banker who can assist. We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable staff. Again, if we can help you improve productivity by explaining our technology, call us today!

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Charlie Funk

About the author

Charlie Funk is President and CEO of MidWestOne Bank. He works with the MidWestOne team to oversee the daily operation of the bank.

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