eBook: The everyday guide to saving

June 12th, 2016 madmin

Finding ways to save can be a challenge. While we all have good intentions, it can often seem like there’s little left after paying the bills, mortgage and other obligations. But the important thing to remember is that saving a little over time can really add up.

Whether you’re saving for a down payment on a house, your dream vacation, retirement or just for a rainy day, no amount is too small. Consider this – simply setting aside $50 every month, you will save an extra $600 a year.

MidWestOne’s Bank Your Change program is a good example of an automatic savings tool that will help make saving easier. Every time you make a purchase with your MidWestOne Check Card™, the amount is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference is automatically deposited into your savings account.

In this booklet you’ll find a collection of our favorite savings tips from the MidWestOne blog. These simple and actionable articles are designed to help you make it easier for your family to save.

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