How to keep your financial information safe online – our best tips

July 29th, 2016 madmin

Identity theft – it happens every day. Whether it’s fake emails or dumpster diving, identity thieves are very resourceful and use lots of different techniques to steal people’s private information.

It’s important to remember that it’s up to you to protect your identity. It requires much less work to take precautions against this crime than to correct the problem afterwards. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates it takes about six months, or 200 hours of work to recover from the incident. This could extend upward of a year or more depending on the case-by-case circumstances.

As bankers we see the ramifications of identity (ID) theft all the time, and it’s not pretty. Don’t be a low hanging fruit for ID thieves by doing everything you can to protect your personal information online. To help you get started, we pulled together some of our most popular ID theft and online security articles below.

Warning signs of identity theft

The choices you make every day could determine if you are susceptible to having your identity stolen. The sooner you realize that something could be wrong, the better. To help you spot potential issues, we’ve put together a list of ID theft warning signs to watch out for … keep reading.

How to create a safe password for online banking

If your bank truly cares about your security, you’ll be asked to create a password that utilizes uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as digits or symbols. It may be harder to always remember your new password, but your account will be much more safe and secure. And in the long run, you’ll be much happier … read our password tips.

Mobile banking security

Some people are uncertain about the security of mobile banking. However, just a few simple steps can keep your information safe and secure. Here are some recommended best practices to limit the chances of mobile banking fraud … keep reading.

9 tips to prevent identity theft

Without even touching your wallet, a thief can steal your financial identity with as little information as your Social Security number. To help commemorate National Protect Your Identity Week, we put together 9 tips to help avoid having your identity compromised … keep reading.

Don’t get lured into a phishing scam

Commonly in phishing scams, con artists claiming to be from a reputable company send out fake emails and other messages in hopes that consumers will respond with bank account information, credit card numbers, passwords or other sensitive information. These emails can look quite convincing, with company logos and banners copied from actual websites … keep reading.

Finally – if you do find yourself a victim of ID theft, stay calm. This article provides an overview of the steps to take if you’re an ID theft victim. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local MidWestOne banker for further support.

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