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Wealth Management eNewsletter

Wealth Management Monthly eNewsletter (May. 2017)

May 31st, 2017 madmin

In this month’s Wealth Management eNewsletter, we focus on the latest events in the markets and the economy. MidWestOne’s monthly Wealth Management eNewsletter discusses a variety of personal financial topics, including planning for the future, managing your wealth, using Private Banking services to simplify your life and more. Each eNewsletter also includes a monthly market commentary from the experts at […]

How to talk money with your aging parents

May 18th, 2017 Sandy Bailey

There was a time when your parents introduced you to the fundamentals of money. They gave you a piggy bank. In your teens, they encouraged you to get a job to learn the value of a dollar. Now, things have somehow come full circle, and the roles have changed. It’s now up to you to […]

Charlie Funk

Note from Charlie – a note from my friend and colleague Jeff…

May 11th, 2017 Charlie Funk

I am departing from past practices today and posting an article written by my friend, Jeff Plagge, who is the President and CEO of Northwest Financial Corp. in Arnolds Park, Iowa.  Jeff is a former Chairman of the American Bankers Association, one of the highest honors a banker can receive. He is one of the most […]

Beware of “Business Email Compromise” wire fraud

May 1st, 2017 madmin

The entire banking industry, including MidWestOne Bank, has seen a recent increase in fraudulent wire transfer attempts. Scammers have been using a tactic known as “Business email compromise,” or BEC, to target employees and trick them into wiring them money by posing as someone within the organization, such as a CEO or CFO. According to […]