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Charlie Funk

A note from Charlie – a tribute to Sue Evans

October 12th, 2017 Charlie Funk

What follows is the general text of my remarks at our company’s annual Rally Day, which was held on Columbus Day. With all of our employees present, it was an opportunity for me to expand on topics of importance in our corporate journey. This year, we honored the retirement of an outstanding employee who has […]

MidWestOne Business mobile banking is now available

September 7th, 2017 Renee Smith-LaBarge

Business banking with MidWestOne just got easier! Our new Business Mobile Banking App is now available for download. It’s simple, easy to use and comes with an array of features that makes managing your money convenient and more efficient. Convenience As a business owner, you know convenience is key when it comes to handling your […]

Charlie Funk

A note from Charlie – customer service

September 7th, 2017 Inga Rundquist

As I sit down to write this month’s blog on a gorgeous Friday morning, I am looking out my window onto Clinton Street in Iowa City. The street is partially blocked off for the day for MidWestOne’s “Rock the Chalk” event. In a nutshell, Iowa City artists – professional and amateur alike – are competing with […]

Charlie Funk

A note from Charlie – the communities we serve

July 6th, 2017 Charlie Funk

There has been a plethora of recent articles in the Wall Street Journal that articulate the challenges that face small town America. One of these articles had as its dateline, “Mahaska County, Iowa” and chronicled the difficulty that community faces in retaining its high school graduates after their college years. It also spoke to the difficulties of […]

Charlie Funk

Note from Charlie – a note from my friend and colleague Jeff…

May 11th, 2017 Charlie Funk

I am departing from past practices today and posting an article written by my friend, Jeff Plagge, who is the President and CEO of Northwest Financial Corp. in Arnolds Park, Iowa.  Jeff is a former Chairman of the American Bankers Association, one of the highest honors a banker can receive. He is one of the most […]

Beware of “Business Email Compromise” wire fraud

May 1st, 2017 madmin

The entire banking industry, including MidWestOne Bank, has seen a recent increase in fraudulent wire transfer attempts. Scammers have been using a tactic known as “Business email compromise,” or BEC, to target employees and trick them into wiring them money by posing as someone within the organization, such as a CEO or CFO. According to […]

Charlie Funk

Note from Charlie: Teach your child to save

April 6th, 2017 Charlie Funk

April 28, 2017 is National Teach Children to Save Day. This annual event was started by the American Bankers Association and each year bankers across the country use this day during Financial Literacy Month to raise awareness of this basic and crucial life skill. As a bank, MidWestOne is committed to encouraging this effort by […]

Important notification about the MidWestOne online banking system

April 6th, 2017 madmin

To ensure your financial information remains protected online, MidWestOne Bank plans to disable support for older, less secure Internet encryption versions. Starting Tuesday, April 11, the MidWestOne Bank online banking systems will only be accessible from web browsers that support TLS 1.2 encryption or better. If your computer cannot support TLS 1.2, you may have […]

Charlie Funk

Note from Charlie – own your mistakes

March 9th, 2017 Charlie Funk

“Take care of your customers and those who should be.” For more than 82 years, this has been the simple mission of our company. We spend a considerable amount of time and money training all of our associates to provide excellent customer service. We also talk about “service recovery,” which is the name given to efforts to […]

Charlie Funk

A note from Charlie – letter to Richard

February 9th, 2017 Charlie Funk

It might appear unusual to publish a letter in this space recently written to someone who leads an organization that competes with MidWestOne. But Richard Davis, CEO of US Bank, is an unusual and extraordinary person. Persons who stand for integrity and who advocate for their professions are worthy of our respect and admiration. Below is a […]

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