Text Alerts

We are adding text verification to protect you against debit card fraud. When suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will now automatically receive a text message to confirm that you initiated the transaction.
Simply reply “Yes” or “No” to confirm or deny the activity. 
  • If you reply “No” (the activity is fraudulent), you will quickly receive a follow up text with a phone number for a Shazam Fraud Specialist and instructions to discuss next steps.  We will also automatically suspend your debit card to prevent any additional fraudulent activity and order you a new card.
  • If you reply “Yes” (the activity is legitimate), you can continue to use your debit card as normal. 
  • If you reply “Stop” you will be opted out of further text alerts for card transaction verification. You can re-enroll in this service by contacting our Service Center at the number below.
  • If Shazam does not receive a text reply or you are opted out of text alerts, we will attempt to reach you via automated voice call. Your card will be suspended until we can verify your activity.
Text message alerts will come from: 72718
Automated phone calls will come from: 855.219.5399
Make sure to save these numbers to your contacts so you don't miss any alerts.  This added protection to your debit card is automatic and occurs without charge from us, however, message and data rates may apply. Text alerts are an enhancement to the Falcon Fraud Manager service already in place.
It is important to note that we will never request card or account information via text, phone or email.  Shazam is our debit card processor.
If you have questions, or ever see a suspicious transaction on your debit card, please call our Service Center at 800.247.4418.