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What to Do When Your Email is Hacked

1. Change your password.  If the hacker forgot to change your password and you can still log in – do it immediately and change that password.

2. Recapture your account.  If your access is blocked, follow the directions on the email site help center.

3. Report the incident to the email site.  Your email provider has seen this before and may be able to provide you with further details about the nature and source of the attack, as well as any tools they may have available to protect your information and get you back up and running.

4. Notify your contacts.  Notify everyone on your contact list that you have been compromised and they should look at any communication from you with suspicion for the time being.

5. Scan your computer with an updated anti-virus program.

6. Review your personal email settings. Make sure the hacker hasn’t created forwarding email addresses and if you find any delete them immediately. Also, look carefully at the signature block and make sure it’s really yours. The hackers may have included some malicious links there too.

7. Change passwords or security questions for other sites.  In the event you shared your email passwords or security questions with any other site, change them too.

8. Check your email folder.  Folks have a tendency to send financial or personally identifi able information to others via email and then archive the off ending email in a file on their system. If so, immediately go to whatever account is identified and change the user ID and password.

9. Monitor. Depending what information was compromised, it is important to monitor your credit and various financial accounts for suspicious activity.

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