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Upgrades to Online Cash Manager

Our Online Cash Manager (OCM) service has been upgraded to have a brand new look and feel.  We think this upgrade significantly enhances our current OCM service and will make performing your routine business transactions online much easier.  The upgrade features enhanced navigation, easier access to frequently used functions, a new All Transactions option, and an overall sleeker look that will make managing your business finances much more convenient.

A view of the upgraded OCM service is shown below.  Please click here for a video demonstration.

Here’s What Has Changed:

Refreshed Overall Look

The entire look and feel of our Online Cash Manager service has been updated.  Dropdown menus are easier to navigate and menus have been redesigned to be more visually appealing.

New Multi-Functional Landing Page

The first page displayed after you login, referred to as the landing page, has been upgraded to include shortcuts to the most frequently used functions as well as quicker access to account information.  Some of the shortcuts include:

            Account Balances Preview – Immediately view account balance information after logging into the service

                                                           - Change which accounts display here by clicking on the Edit option above the Account Balances window

            Quick Transfer Menu – Quickly and easily complete an internal, ACH, or wire transfer if applicable to your online account.

            Transactions Menu – Conveniently view account activity and approve or disapprove pending transfers

                                                           - Review tab: Transfer is pending review

                                                           - Recent tab: Recent transactions on the specified account

                                                           - Upcoming tab: Transfers recently processed, approved, or disapproved

All Transactions Option

A new option has been added to the Transactions dropdown menu on the Account screen.  In addition to the Current and Previous Statement options, an All Transactions option is available. Selecting All Transactions will open a new window that will display an enhanced transaction activity search menu.  This new menu allows you to search in and export transactions from an extended period (starting from approximately September 1, 2013 moving forward).  For additional information regarding this new feature, please see the Transaction Reports section under Accounts in the video demonstration.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.  You’re the One for whom we made these upgrades!