Online Banking Login Security Upgrade

At MidWestOne Bank, protecting your financial information is our top priority.  Because of that, we have made an enhancement to our online banking security system.  We have installed an Extended Validation Certificate, which verifies the integrity of our online banking system before turning all or a portion of the address bar in your web browser green.  The green address bar serves as a confirmation to you that your connection is secure.  The Extended Validation Certificate appears similiar to what is shown in the images below.  It is in place for both Personal Online Banking and Online Cash Manager.


An Extended Validation Certificate ensures that the identity of the party hosting the website has been thoroughly validated.  In the case of our online banking system, the host party is Fiserv. This feature has replaced the Authentication Image and Pass Phrase that you may be used to seeing when accessing our services by performing the same validation in a stronger and simpler way.  The Authentication Image and Pass Phrase will no longer be displayed.  For additional information, please visit our Online Learning Center.