Asset Management

Our investment philosophy is based the strategy of long-term investing in a diversified portfolio of assets. We believe this is the best way to build and protect your assets. We follow a disciplined approach, building a portfolio of high-quality assets with exposure to various asset classes.

Our approach focuses on regular review and monitoring of economic data and fund performance and believe strongly that this measured approach is the best strategy for navigating periods of uncertainty and avoiding making an impulsive or emotional decision. 

The diversified portfolio mix is based on the client’s needs, providing a common sense and flexible method of investing. By allocating assets across asset classes, the portfolio participates in a variety of market sectors and market cycles. All asset classes will behave differently in response to economic activity or market trends, and the diversification will help reduce overall portfolio volatility. We can help you create an investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, tax consequences, and any unique needs you may have. We believe that setting and maintaining your strategic asset allocations are among the most important aspects in investment success.  

Our investment philosophy includes constant monitoring, analysis and research.  We have access to a broad range of investment expertise, research and analytics to assist in the investment management process. We also have an internal Investment Committee, to assist in the investment allocations, tactical changes, performance and the overall strategy. The Investment Committee members bring vast experience and diverse investment backgrounds, which provides sound judgment and decision-making to enacting our investment philosophy. 

Our fee structure and fund selection are also an inherent part of our investment philosophy.  We do not have proprietary funds or investment products and we strongly believe that our clients are best served by a non-proprietary asset management approach.  We choose investment solely based on how they meet the parameters of our Investment Committee’s analysis and whether they will help meet the objectives of the client’s portfolio.

MidWestOne Bank does not charge additional fees outside of our annual fee for investments.  We place a high priority on transparency in our fee structure and believe the following considerations are critical in evaluating net fees:
We do not accept 12(b)(1) fees:

  • We utilize only no-load funds
  • We utilize low-cost institutional funds
  • Expense ratios are regularly reviewed and considered
  • We do not receive commissions or charge trading fees

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