Wealth Transfer

Transferring your wealth and settling your estate can be a challenging process. Don’t worry – we’re here for you! Our trust officers can help with:

  • Asset identification, collection, valuation and management
  • Probate estate and trust administration
  • Development of tax and legal strategies
  • Tax preparation or review
  • Preparation of all required inventories and accountings
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with the estate plan

We will provide as much professional support as you need by serving as your executor, trustee or agent – whichever you prefer.

Guardianship Services

For those unable to handle their own financial responsibilities, such as children or disabled adults, we can protect your estate by serving as your legal financial guardian. In this role, we accept legal responsibility for managing all of your assets. We also pledge to protect the financial security of your family members until they reach legal age or, in some cases, for the rest of their lives.

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