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Are You the One?

At MidWestOne Bank, we hire people who are up to the challenge of taking great care of our customers and their financial needs. Whether your position is front-line with bank customers or your role is to serve those who do, we tend to be selective.

MidWestOne Bank is a community bank with a culture based on integrity and customer care. The people decisions we make are the foundation of our success. Our success depends on having the right people in the right places within our organization.

There are demands that go along with a position here, so our application experience may seem a little longer than what you might experience with other companies. We want the best and the brightest talent to join us, to stay with us, and to grow with us.

Are you the right one for MidWestOne Bank? Is MidWestOne Bank the right kind of employer for you?

Test yourself by answering these questions...

Are you respectful and caring, even when faced with tough situations?

We expect that each employee interaction with a customer be respectful, professional, and caring, and that tough situations are handled with the necessary extra time and effort so that our customer remembers YOU personally. We believe in true accountability that leaves a lasting impression.

Do you consider yourself a team player?

Our work environments differ depending on your position and department. Some positions can be stressful due to the demands of the area or the coverage needs during a specific season of the year. No matter what’s going on in your workweek, your coworkers will be depending upon you to be here when you are scheduled and to give 100% when you are at work. Pulling your weight is big here and your demonstrated ability to get along with your coworkers is a top priority at our company.

Are you willing and committed to learning new things?

Our community knows us as one of the leading financial institutions in our area. Our customers do have choices where they do their banking, so training and retaining top talent is one of the biggest investments we make. You'll need to make an effort to get up to speed quickly in your position by attending many training events in our company. Training is a thing we do all year long. Learning never stops here.

Do you value quality work?

One of the "musts" of working at MidWestOne Bank is the importance of doing things right the first time. While errors will happen, everything we do impacts the customer. Recovery from errors takes time and resources, not to mention the additional expense to fix mistakes.

Do you believe in working hard and having fun?

Maybe what you’ve read so far sounds like we’re all business? Actually, we do like to have fun and create a work atmosphere that reflects this. You'll experience how we’ve built fun into our workplace when you attend our monthly all-staff meetings, our annual recognition rally, and through many of the little things we do to make our work environment enjoyable. We believe in working hard and having some fun along the way! We are looking for positive team members who will contribute to our culture.

Are building trust and confidence in relationships with other people important to you?

Relationships built on trust and confidence is key to our business success. No matter what your job is here, we have to have trust and confidence in you, and you in us. The way you conduct yourself inside and outside of work portrays the image of our company as a whole. We have high expectations here. If you have concerns about our philosophy on this, you may need to reconsider your interest in our company.

Are you willing to abide by a set of professional dress and grooming expectations?

We are banking professionals and our dress code and personal care standards reflect this. We do not allow things like facial jewelry (nose rings, tongue rings, eyebrow piercings, etc.) and visible tattoos. You’ll need to be clean-shaven or have a neatly trimmed beard or mustache. Make-up and hair needs to be a conservative, natural style. Your choice of clothes must reflect a crisp, sharp, professional look. While you’re on the job, you need to look like, act like, and sound like a business professional.

Can you commit to a work schedule?

If you apply for a position here, you need to be available year round. With the exception of observing federal holidays throughout the year, we are open five and one half days every week, which means we need ready, capable staff who are committed and dependable. We will work with you toward a flexible schedule in necessary situations, but we also rely on our team of employees to keep their work schedule commitments.

Are you ready to share your individual talents and skills with others?

We mentioned before that training and retaining top talent is a big investment we make in our people. We also realize that the people we hire bring expertise and knowledge from outside our organization when they join us. We value the mix of skills and experience that make up our team and it is the uniqueness in all of us that makes our company such a great place to work. Your potential is unlimited here providing you have patience for certain doors of opportunity to open. We invite you to share your talents with us and in turn, expect that you will learn some new things from your experience here.

Do you believe that taking care of customers is more than doing what they ask for?

Customer care is more than fulfilling a request. If you join our company, you will be expected to share the value of going the extra mile for our customers. When you serve our customers, you will be expected to look beyond their request, to ask probing questions, which enables you to get to the root of the problem or to match them to the very best product or service for their needs. You’ll also be expected to make referrals to existing customers and help us seek out new ones. We strive to deliver the unexpected with each and every customer interaction.

If you answer "YES" to these questions, we'd like to hear from you!

Go ahead -- APPLY NOW! This just might be the beginning of a great relationship!

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